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  • “website” signifies to “”
  • “Company” signifies to “organization catering its services to its customers”
  • “Customers” indicates “the people who are being facilitated with offered services of company”
  • “Product” is in the structure of “document that will be provided via email”
Methods of Placing Order
  • An order can be placed by submitting a form, available on our website or via email.
  • When you place an order it indicates that you are in complete agreement with our terms and conditions.
  • Agreeing on our policies means that you cannot use our product commercially.
  • Once your order has been taken into account by our team, you are supposed to make your payment in advance.
Payment procedure
  • You can make the payments through Western Union, Pay pal, and online banking services like transfer and card payment.
  • Note that, your work will be processed only after receiving the full advance-payment.
Contact Us

To collaborate with our team or to get updates regarding your order, you can contact us through live chat. However, calls, WhatsApp, and email options are available as well.

Privacy policy

We have quite strict policies regarding the confidentiality of information. Any details shared by our customers are kept highly confidential and safe. For further details, have a comprehensive look at our privacy policy.

Product restrictions
  • You cannot use our product for any commercial or illegal purpose.
  • If you are using our products, you should reference it properly.
  • Customers are not allowed to claim their rights or name on our papers.
Copyrights authority

Once the product is delivered to the relative customer, we legally give the authority of the copyright to them.

Revision and Refund

If a customer thinks that requirements are not fulfilled accurately, we warmly welcome the options of revision. We are ready to revise the work anytime asked. However, in cases of no option or time for revision, you can claim your full amount. For more details, check our revision and refund policies.


We understand that copy-pasting is highly unethical. We respect the value of credits and strictly refrain plagiarizing the content. We also check all the papers through TurnItIn.

Please take in consideration that we are not responsible for the plagiarism in documents that are purposefully sent for the editing or proofreading.

Delivery method

The order will be delivered to customers through email. In case of negligence of customers, we are not responsible if you would not be able to make timely submissions. We are only answerable for the work we deliver.

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